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Newsletter #1 - Internet marketing basics

Newsletter #2 - Local and National marketing

Newsletter #3 - Locals and Directories

Newsletter #4 - Media buying

Newsletter #4 - Internet Marketing - Media buying

Internet marketing - Media buying

We tell our customers the truth: no miracles, full transparency and daily hard work. Expert work.

1.What we can do:

Work with content. Yes there is only so much that you can do but new content does attract attention and creates credibility. So your site's content management technology should allow to quickly add new content on hot topics basically it is creating a perfectly legal and ethical (SEO-wise) doorway for for example for people searching for the landscaping insurance in a certain area to get to know your agency and perhaps establish more personal relationship and start buying auto or home!
Build many small mousetraps and you may be surprised by the accumulated effect!
We have tech writer versed in insurance!

2. Media buying.

We cover everything: local sites, trade sites, regional sites, google ad words. But the tricky part here is to determine the best value for your money in your particular area! Constant monitoring is the inherent and most important part of the job. And for the vertical field of insurance it is the conversion rate per price per click/visit You cannot just fall for somebody's skillful pitch and hope for the best. Unfortunately that is what many people do - spend money hope for the best i.e. some results and then get disappointed the write approach is to hire for a professional expert in your area to find sites for you and monitor their performance. Suppose for your local county site link the conversion click to quote ratio is 1% and that link brings only say 1000 visits monthly.
Does not look glamorously does it?
Well size does not matter you can have 10 partners like that to get the traffic right. But what about price and quote quality?
Now suppose you pay $100 for it monthly and you get 10 quotes and it is $10 per quote. Is it good? Depends on quote quality - yet further conversion ratio - from quote to issue. Expert media buyer knows how to dig deeper, how to track after traffic and will optimize it for you to the fullest.

3.Lead portal

We have an insurance portal that we gradually develop ourselves with good content and we write content in your name and place it there to create outside links. Again it is a very minor part of it I just mention it here to be entirely transparent with you. Again we develop it and it is free for you.


if you are looking for a staying presence on the net we will do our best to get you there no gimmicks - just knowledge and hard work.

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Our agency has been a client of Websites4Insurance for more than 5 years. We have been very happy with our website. It was easy to setup and easy to change and keep up to date. The user interface is geared to the non technical user. If you need help setting your website up, the technical department can help you make changes to your site. Our customers use the website for all types of servicing and our customers can input information directly into our quoting system. This saves our agency so much time and money. We love it.

Cheryl A. Sgro CISR
Operations Manager
GMG Insurance Agency
We’ve been working with for 2 years on our EASTSIDEINSURANCE.COM website. The setup process - smooth sailing. The actual website setup - incredibly simplified. Personnel availability for modifying our EASTSIDEINSURANCE.COM website to fit our needs, outstanding. Extended website template choices have been a plus as we vary the template several times a year. Overall, it’s been an excellent, professional, website building experience.

Eastside Insurance
Agency Incorporated
It took me five different website builders until I found I am very impressed with the high level of professionalism and unusually quick response to my needs. They are simply top drawer! Regards.

Victor Posod
President, Senior Broker
Circa Benefits Insurance Agency

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