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Our approach

As we explained in the Introduction there are essentially two parts to it:

Changes to a site (content) to make it SEO friendly and

Obtaining incoming links that are somewhat hard to get especially from high-ranked sites.

For free SEO product we:

  1. Give you advise (newsletters, procedures) on how to accomplish the first part and also get on some free listings like Google Maps and Yahoo Local.
  2. Provide you with some means to get those hard-to-get external links

Site Optimization Instructions - Content

First you need to get what keywords the real visitors are using.

Go to and enter some search phrase and click on Get Keyword Ideas button. Analyze the results.

Basically that will give you an idea what keywords to spread around in your content include in Title and Meta Tags using our Site Administrator.

Next you need to make sure your site contents are search engine friendly and have those keywords you need to target your site towards.

Go to

Under Reach new customers heading click Webmaster Central

In the Enhance your website column click on Website Optimizer

You will be asked to register and get Google email account as well to use Webmaster Tools and Google analytics.

Those tools will help you to analyze the content of your site. There are other tools including web based that will also help with site contents analysis.

Free Listings

As we explained those external links need to be created at any (free) opportunity. There are some places you can actually do it for free. We list some and urge you to search for more


follow the instructions

they will also call you to verify

it is very important


select basic (free)


on the left and down the page - sign up for a free listing

Submission of an article(s) (optional but very recommended)

As part of our comprehensive approach to SEO we developed a content rich site - repository and source of insurance/retirement related articles. We will promote aggressively that site to ensure it's high rank in search engines. That site will point to our client's sites to provide the relevant outside links.

We encourage agents to do their own contributions i.e. articles on insurance/retirement/personal finance topics. Each article will contain a link to your web site thus increasing the link count.

Make sure to include in content of those articles the keywords you tune your site to be searchable by!

Again why is it so important?

Our ultimate goal is to make that site Google rank 5 or 6. We will invest money and effort to promote that site and each link from the site will count toward improving your site's ranking.

Also we plan to release a number of other sites like that each with the opportunity for our customers to link from them. We are also looking for content.


We want to emphasize that the bulk of work for this level of SEO product is for our agent customers to do. Nevertheless we give important links to the web sites and moreover allow them to configure the articles to contain the keywords they want for visitors to find their site by.

For those who want the professional approach please read our next article - SEO Premium Product.