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As we mentioned in the Introduction both content and external links effort is required to make a SEO optimized web site. For our premium customers we do the following:

As an initial effort

  • Work with a customer to determine requirements (i.e. LOBs and search phrases)
  • Modify site contents to be optimized for that set of search phrases
  • Buy links efficiently at the strategic listings
  • Generate content/links from the portals we own
  • Other proprietary SEO work

As an ongoing effort

  • Constantly tune and update site contents for a (selected) set of search phrases (customer selected of course)
  • Update and re-purchase links whenever needed and when a situation demands
  • Add external content written by professional writers
  • Other proprietary SEO work

Procedure for Site Contents Optimization

  1. We collect information from an agent which lines of business they want to pursue - LOB target list determination.
  2. We collect the list of towns or radius from a zip code the agency wants to cover - geographical area determination.
  3. We determine the list of keywords the site needs to be optimized for.
  4. We create a sample content for different areas/pages of the site.
  5. We incorporate the content into the site.
  6. Our technical writers will write an article on each selected LOB topic and we add it to the site.
  7. We create outside links.
  8. Agent does final overview/editing.


List of keywords - what is it?

All we need from an agent is the information about the target market/audience/lines of business. For example an agent tells us: I want auto and recreational customers in a radius of 10 miles from Natick, MA and commercial auto and BOP customers from MA Metro West.  We use SEO tools to determine what actual phrases customers enter in search engines to look for those types of insurance in those areas. Once determined we tune the site contents to reflect those keywords i.e. to show search engines that the customer's site is indeed gives very important information on exactly those topics search engine customers search for.

Site Contents Summary

The result of the fully executed above procedure will be:

  1. Site contents optimized for the desired keywords
  2. Well structured site
  3. Content rich and informative.

Submission of articles

As we explained we are in the process of creating and promoting a number of information portals. First one is live already. We will use them to generate incoming external links to our customers' sites.

For our premium SEO customers we will:

  • Hire professional content writers to write a content targeted to the aforementioned list of search phrases
  • Submit that content at various key sites including our own portals

Further optimization work

The rest of the work on a site optimization is a proprietary know-how and will not be covered in this document.

How it will all work

  1. An agent-customer contacts us and expresses desire to enroll in SEO program.
  2. We collect a list of lines of business that agent writes business thru the web site
  3. We do a snapshot of the site in search engines before any SEO work is done.
  4. We already have site statistics as part of that snapshot.
  5. We agree on the price basis for our work.
  6. We determine the budget for strategic listings (not part of our fee!)
  7. We review the final detail and make the agreement.
  8. We do the work (see the above procedures).
  9. We evaluate the results (ranking, traffic) 4 months (the search engine constraint) after the work on the site is started.
  10. We update/purchase links if needed and adjust other parameters like external content strategically placed and perform other proprietary tasks for ongoing site maintenance.